Trusted Since 1979

BRD has over 43 years of experience working across the country on a wide variety of projects from new builds in the suburbs to wide scale renovations in major cities.

Growing From Our Roots

Based out of Buffalo, New York, we have built BRD on the principal of providing hands-on evolvement to ensure that all projects & clients receive the highest quality service possible.

BRD had a direct hand in Buffalo’s historic rejuvenation of the Elmwood Village, a trendy and unique urban hub located in the heart of the City. We worked on renovating retail spaces by turning them into contemporary shopping spaces aimed at attracting both tenants & shoppers.

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Our work in the Elmwood Village led us to begin working on more historic restoration projects–then from there our work branched out into public works, industrial, commercial, health care, education and residential markets.

Even after all these years, we remain a small business committed to attention to detail.


Founder’s History


BRD Construction was founded Peter Levin and Dennis Masters.


Dennis’s brother Michael joined the BRD team.


BRD secured its first bonded project, the Levy King and White building.


Michael became a partner at BRD.


Michael was appointed president of BRD Construction.


BRD is led by President of Construction, Michael Masters, Executive Vice President, Dennis Masters, and Sr. Project Manager, Kevin Schadt.

BRD Construction has over 30 permanent, full-time employees.